A collection of my UX Design projects

Designing Web Portals

In 2018 Cigna closed on a $54 billion transaction to acquire Express Scripts, creating one of the largest providers of pharmacy benefits and insurance plans in the United States.

My goal with this project was to create a web portal that provided centralized access to subject matter experts, documents and information, from different sources into a single user-friendly interface. 

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Leading UX Design Workshops

My goal with this project was to lead a group of stakeholders through a unique process for solving tough problems and testing new ideas. I took user research and figured out a way to get clear results.

It worked. The workshop helped leaders answer critical business questions like, what are our users greatest pain points, where are our biggest opportunities, and what’s the most important place to focus our efforts.

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Designing Mobile Learning Apps

Employees wanted to acquire knowledge from training material that was accessible from their personal mobile device. 

My goal with this project was to design a video application that users could access from their mobile device.

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Building Successful Gamification Programs

My goal with this project was to design an experience to support gamification of Cigna’s SAP Jam collaboration platform. 

As employee’s accomplish goals, gain status, and earn rewards, they become frequent and valued contributors, helping Cigna engage the right people to drive innovation and deliver results.

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Online Help Site for Intranet Launch

Cigna was introducing a new digital workplace that allows employees to collaborate, create content and share information, network and participate in communities of interest.

My goal with this project was to provide employees with quick access to content that explains what they can do and how to leverage the different features and functionality of the digital workplace.

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Augmented Reality App Development

Augmented Reality (AR) is a powerful engagement tool. My goal was to create a more engaging and memorable onboarding experience for new hires and leverage Augmented Reality to do this.

AR offers a consistent way for new hires to interactively engage in the content and learn about what matters in their new organization.  Making the first days of work fun and exciting, setting the stage for great days to come.  

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